Trusted suppliers and marketers of Pharmaceutical, Surgical, Nutritional and Superfood items.

Import:We strongly believe in provision of good quality products to the masses of Paksitan at a reasonable price. In this pursuit, we have acquired many FDA  approved pharma products. The nutrition, food supplements and superfood products are being imported from Europe, keeping in mind super manufacturing standards and top quality.

Distribution: We are  a premier medical distribution company, that has been operating for nearly two decades throughout Pakistan. Leveraging excellent customer service and existing business relationships. We provide an excellent representation and distribution services to global/local medical, nutrition and food manufacturers via singular relationships and distribution channels across Pakistan.

Consulting: It is about connecting the right people, relavant products and modern technologies, both globally and locally. We extend our support for those needing assistance in the field of  employee training, regulatory affairs, technology, branding, marketing and project management .

Storage:We have reasonable storage facilities all over Pakistan. The central part is being fed from Lahore, North West from Islamabad and South from the port city of Karachi.