We are the Marketing Authorization (MA) holder of the following products and  companies in Pakistan 

 1)Injection Vancomycin HCL lyophilized in container, Powder for Concentrate for Solution for Infusion (500 and 1000 mg per vial)
2)Colistimethate Sodium powder for solution for injection or infusion (Presentation of 1 and 2 MIU)
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Cisatracurium Besylate (Cemet) 2mg/ml solution for injection/infusion (presentation of 5 and 10 ml per ampule).

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1)Rocuronium bromide 10 mg/ml solution for injection/ infusion (presentation of 5 and 10 ml per vials)
2)Pemetrexed (100 and 500 mg), powder for concentrate for solution for infusion (presentation of 10 and 50 ml per vial)

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Sevoflurane Solution for Inhalation 250 ml/bottle

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1)Injection Olanzapine
2)Injection Paricalcitol
3)Injection Voriconazole
4)Injection Meropenim
5)Everolimus Tablets (Anti Cancer)