Use of nutritional products for sports and lifestyle is on the rise by all ages and genders. We are working on a concept to get top quality product range rich in nutrients , has no or low sugar, is rich in protein and plant based carbohydrates. The products have been acquired from renowned brands like Bodylab and The Whole Company (TWC) from Denmark. We are the Marketing Authorization (MA) holder of the following nutritional items and companies:


Bodylab Nutrition is the market leader in the development and production of tasty and functional sports products and dietary supplements. Bodylab Nutrition’s mission is to market proven, high-quality products for consumers. The product range may not necessarily be large, but it should reflect the very best on the market, so consumer access to Bodylab products is as simple, cheap and scientifically substantiated as possible. Compliances: 1) Approved by Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark 2) EU Good Manufacturing process (GMP) 3)Has HACCP (Hazard analysis and Critical Control Point), according to Codex Elementarius.