To eat right food is one of the most important necessities of living along with air and water. Our concept is to provide food items which are plant based, rich in energy/fiber, without any added sugar and rich in minerals/vitamins.

The Whole Company A/S

 The Whole Company (TWC) develops and offers grocery stores good “businesses” on products that are slightly better and healthier than the alternatives. All products are made on FSSC 22000 Standards with special focus on food safety. The Whole Company A/S is the holding company of a wide range of Denmark’s most famous trademarks like,


3)Fredsted Tea






Castus Pakistan

Castus has developed a range of healthy dates and figs based products for kids as well as grown ups. 

Castus means purity, and therefore we have strict requirements to Castus’s ingredients and nutritional composition.

Castus’ products contain no preservatives, they are rich in fibre and without added sugar. The sweetness of the fruit sticks comes from the fruit’s natural sugar content (fructose).

Practical for lunch or as a snack

With their practical size, Castus fruit sticks are easy to carry along, and therefore work well as a delicious snack or in the children’s lunches. Even though they are without preservatives, they still have long shelf life and require no special storage, but can be placed where it is most convenient. Last but not least most children perceive Castus Fruit sticks as pampering and luxury in line with other snacks.

Products manufactured by Castus are:
1)Fruit Bars
2)Fruit Rolls
3)Grin Chunks
4)Boost me up

Fredsted Tea

At Fredsted, we have brewed on good experiences since 1917 and lovingly mixed everything from our charity herbs, classic black teas, fruit greens to green and white teas. Fredsted sources tea from all over the world and honors inspiration and tempting the you with new and exciting mixes.

100 years old Danish tea traditions, now in Pakistan

All carefully wrapped up in the Nordic philosophy that everyone can go for a few peaceful moments during the day in the company of a good cup of tea.