Trusted suppliers and marketers of Pharmaceutical, Surgical, Nutritional and Superfood items.

To eat right food is one of the most important necessities of living along with air and water. Our concept is to provide food items which are plant based, rich in energy/fiber, without any added sugar and rich in minerals/vitamins.

The Whole Company A/S

TWC develops and offers grocery stores good “businesses” on products that are slightly better and healthier than the alternatives.All products are made on FSSC 22000 Standards with special focus on food safety.The Whole Company A/S is the holding company of  wide range of Denmark’s most famous trademarks like,

  • Castus

  • Heidelberg

  • Frested Tea

  • Trope

  • Toftkaer

  • Superfood

  • Jemopharm

  • Vitacare

Castus Pakistan

Castus has developed a range of healthy dates
and figs based products for kids as well as grown ups.

Products manufactured by Castus are:

  • Fruit Bars

  • Fruit Rolls

  • Grin Chunks

  • Boost me up