About us

Trusted suppliers and marketers of Pharmaceutical, Surgical, Nutritional and Superfood items.

Al Qasim Enterprises is one of Pakistan’s most trusted supplier and distributor of pharmaceutical, surgical, nutritional products, food supplements and lifestyle products range. We offer the supply of pharma, surgical and food supplements to government institutions and private hospitals through tender/bulk supplies. The supplements and food/superfood products are also being supplied to renowned superstores and big pharmacies.

Mission:With “honesty, dedication, professionalism and innovation”, Al Qasim Enterprises continuously explores and expands the depth and breadth of healthcare, nutritional and food products seeing the market demand and requirement. As a result, we have introduced numerous top quality international product/brands into our local market. We strongly believe in provision of good quality products to the masses of Pakistan at a reasonable price. In this pursuit, we have acquired many FDA approved pharma products. The food supplements, nutritional and superfood products are being imported from Europe to ensure super quality.

Vision:To provide an excellent representation and distribution services to global medical, nutrition and food manufacturers via singular relationships and distribution channels across Pakistan.

To offer our valued clients top class products, manufactured by reputed world class companies  on WHO/EU and other required standards. To introduce new and innovative lifestyle products in the market to fulfil the demand of our clients